Translational Music – Wingprinting

Listen to this album of piano and cello sweet compostions and hear the melodies that resonate with the deepest levels of the subconscious at distinct moments preceding birth: the sparkle in the eyes of the parents living their honeymoon and the mother’s emotions when she first becomes aware of her child, the miracle of conception and  the delicate moment of childbirth, the protection of Amethyst the minute the Spirit decides to feel emotions by experimenting a body and the symphony of vibrations creating the Heart organ …

“Wingprinting is a project created to support the higher evolution of a New Life: a newborn, experiencing sensations for the first time in its mother’s belly. An individual rebirthing and preparing to fly like a butterfly beyond its old beliefs … To become another soul contributing to the future of humanity, ready to climb the evolutionary ladder to experience a life lived in the light and joy of love!” (Bruce H Lipton, PhD)

by Emiliano Toso

Binaural 3D Audio
432 Hz Biological Tuning

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