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Conscious Evolution and the Great Upwising

July 14, 2021 @ 9:00 am 10:30 am PDT

Our world seems to be gripped by chaos, confusion, polarization … and, what if all of these were a precursor (or as we prefer calling it, a “pre-blesser”) to humanity’s evolution to conscious co-creators of our world?

This month on the Inside Edge, cellular biologist Bruce Lipton and spiritual and political “uncommontator” Steve Bhaerman join us to discuss their book, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, a book both Deepak Chopra and talk show host Thom Hartmann called “world changing.”

As Steve and Bruce will explain, the polarization is due to two obsolete and “obsolethal” (obsolete AND deadly) paradigms – patriarchal religion and “godless” science – fighting it out to see which dominates. The good news is, there is a new holistic paradigm emerging that will take us off the old battlefield of dominate-or-be-dominated, and put us on a new playing field of collaboration, cooperation and community.