5-a Ĉiujara Altnivela Medicino-Konferenco

Prezentita de Advanced Medicine Conference
Marriott St. Louis Grand 800 Washington Ave, Usono, St. Louis, Misurio, Usono
This event has been cancelled. Many of you may already be aware that Dr. Buttar passed away suddenly, at his home, with his family on May 18th, 2023.  The family, staff and supporters of Dr. Buttar are in shock and grieving at his sudden passing.  With deepest regret, we are announcing the nuligo de la Altnivela Medicino-Konferenco which was scheduled for next Saturday, May 27th thru Monday, May 29th in St. Louis, MO. We apologize to those of you who have made plans to attend in person or virtually. Please keep the Buttar family and staff in your prayers and intentions.