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La Nova Biologio - Vivanta En Mondo de Ŝanĝo

aprilo 19 @ 7: 00 ptm - 10: 00 ptm

Waipuna Konferenca Centro

58 Waipuna Vojo
Monto Wellington, Auckland 1060 Nov-Zelando
+ 64 9 526 6789
Rigardu Retejon
In the face of global crises in health, home and heart, advances in science are creating a genuine revolution in thought and understanding, one so radical that it can change the world. Knowledge is power. The knowledge of “self” offered in this program is truly the source of memregado needed to thrive through this turbulent period in our planet’s history. Awakening to our inherent creative power generates a new force that turns fear of an unwanted situation into hope of new possibilities.

Bruce will share exciting advances in science of epigenetics to help us thrive in a changing, turbulent world, and how when we all work together, we can live healthier, happier lives!
$ 50